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    Paddyware was founded by Paddy in 2007 to provide high quality and exclusive pet bedding and gifts. Paddy is a generous dog and wanted humans as well as dogs to enjoy the fruit of his labours so whilst the bedding is for dogs (although Paddy thinks it is so comfortable you might want to try it out) there is something for everyone in the coordinated ranges of gifts and greetings cards to enjoy and cherish for years to come. All cards and gifts are hand and dogmade and exclusive to Paddyware.

    Naturally being a dog Paddy cannot make the bedding and cards all by himself so Trish assists him to ensure that all products are of the highest quality

    Rigorous testing Paddy takes quality very seriously and has rigorously tested the bedding at all stages of production. Even taking time out from playing with his favourite toy to test the support for his head and the overall comfort factor.

    PaddyWare can be contacted at
    PO Box 223
    HD9 9BA

    About Paddy

    Paddy was found wandering the streets and taken to Dogs Trust, the largest dog welfare charity in the UK. Thanks to their policy of never putting down a healthy dog he never had to fear for his future. He selected Trish and Phil to be his new family and is now a budding entrepreneur living in West Yorkshire.

    To find out more about the work of Dogs Trust and how to rehome a dog visit their website

    Lots of helpful information on how to care for dogs is available on the Dogs Trust , RSPCA and PDSA websites


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    Rehoming Paddy

    Rehoming a dog is very rewarding but not without its problems. Paddy is a nervous dog and when we first met him he was very quiet and timid – we thought he couldn’t bark! His nervous disposition causes problems with his digestion and a diet of hypoallergenic food is essential to his good health. He loves fresh vegetables added to his food and shares an apple with Trish everyday – chopped up and cored – no pips!

    Paddy's vet worked with us to establish the best diet and treatment to help overcome the constant sickness and diarrhoea Paddy suffered. Paddy has to take medication every day along with his special diet but he is now happy and healthy and able to enjoy life to the full.

    Paddy soon showed us that he is far from timid and has a lovely deep bark. But it was difficult to get Paddy to respond to training when he was unwell. He ignored us and rarely came when he was called (attending training classes was very embarrassing.)

    This meant he was not let off the lead very often so walks weren’t much fun for him.


    As we learnt more about his health problems we were able to understand his behaviour. When Paddy didn’t feel well he wasn’t keen on doing training exercises – couldn’t blame him for that!

    As his health has improved so has his behaviour and he enjoys walks off the lead and meeting up with his canine friends.

    We found our Vet and the Dogs Trust and RSPCA websites to be full of helpful information on how to look after Paddy. Even though we had had dogs before we found Paddy’s problems a challenge.

    Paddy looking over a wall

    What do dogs need?

    • Companionship - to be with other dogs or people and not to be left alone for too long.
    • A balanced diet.
    • A constant supply of fresh, clean water.
    • A bed and blanket.
    • A well-fenced garden to play and exercise in.
    • To be brushed every day, especially if they have long hair.
    • Help to clean their teeth. They also need to have their teeth checked regularly by the vet.
    • Regular walks and a lead for walking near traffic or farm animals.
    • Someone to clean up after them with a pooper-scooper.
    • Never to be left in a car in warm weather, even with the window open.
    • A collar and identity tag.
    • To be properly trained.
    • To be microchipped.
    • To be neutered.
    • To be taken to a vet if they are ill.
    • Injections to prevent serious diseases.
    • Worming and regular flea treatments.
    • To be looked after when you are on holiday.
    Source RSCPA www.rspca.org.uk


    Paddy would like to add the following needs to the list:
    • Comfy PaddyWare bedding
    • Constant cuddles
    • Lots of toys – the noisier the better!
    • To be rewarded for good behaviour (Trish would like to point out that Paddy’s idea of good behaviour and hers are somewhat different. Paddy was not rewarded for stealing a rib of beef which surprised him).
    • Opportunities to roll and come back from a walk smelly
    • To lick the toothpaste off the toothbrush rather than have his teeth cleaned
    • A PaddyWare Bow Tie!
    • Bark at Postie through the window and then collect the post and open it
    • A menu at dinner time and a full English for breakfast